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Game Experience Hall

The Game Experience area offers a unique space totally dedicated to the world of videogames and is located in tower 2 on floor -1. Its opening hours are from 4 pm to 12 am.

Adults and children will be able to enjoy new and classic games. The different video games are divided in different thematic areas:

  • Engine area: F1 simulators with Ferrari replica steering wheels. Simulators connected to each other in order to compete in the same race.
  • Virtual Reality Area: that will surprise you with the latest technologies.
  • Dance Area: composed of stages where the client can play the guitar, drums or sing.
  • Free Play Area for all ages.

The videogames installed cover all kinds of themes: adventures, action, sports, dances, etc. and there are different competitions that you can consult in the animation calendar or approaching this area.

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